Here are answers to our most commonly asked questions. If you have any additional questions, please Contact Us.
What happens at The Nourished Festival?
The Nourished Festival is a combination of exhibitor booths and educational classes related to gluten-free and allergen-friendly living.
Who should attend The Nourished Festival?
Anyone that is living a gluten-free lifestyle or has food allergies.
Are all exhibitor booths gluten-free?
Yes. All products at The Nourished Festival meet the current government standards for gluten-free labeling (20 ppm or less). Some products may be manufactured in non-dedicated facility and may not be certified. Check with each exhibitor before consuming or using the products.
How is The Nourised Festival allergen-friendly?
All products are gluten-free. Beyond GF, each exhibitor booth will be labeled with an allergen card, helping you understand which common allergens are contained in the products and samples.
Everything at the festival is gluten free, but what are your other sections?
We organize the festival into sections by booth color. Blue booths are gluten free; red booths are nut-free and gluten free; purple booths are paleo or keto and gluten free; green booths are plant-based and gluten free.
Is the festival held in a shared space?
Yes. The festival is hosted in one shared hall, and therefore is not 100% free from any potential allergen. We do not recommend the festival to those with severe airborne allergies.
What types of items do the exhibitors display?
Most are food items. Vendors also exhibit health & beauty items, vitamins & supplements and other services that help you live a full gluten-free and allergen-friendly lifestyle.
Can I get free products at The Nourished Festival?
Yes! Many vendors hand out samples or coupons in their booth. When you arrive, you will be given a bag to carry your goodies.
Can I leave the show to empty my bag and get back in?
Yes! We encourage you to spend the day with us. Head back to your car or hotel room, empty your bag and continue your food adventure.
Are classes included with my entry ticket?
Yes! All classes are included with your entry ticket.
Can I bring my wheelchair?
Of course! Just remember that Saturday is our busier day, so if you are in a wheelchair, you may be more comfortable on Sunday since the aisles are less crowded.
Can I bring a stroller?
The use of strollers, carts or wagons is prohibited except as needed for transporting children or medical equipment. Single strollers only. Double or triple strollers won't fit in the aisle.
Do the exhibitors take credit cards for purchases of items?
Some do and some only take cash. Most venues have an ATM machine, but it is best to bring cash with you.
Is there a fee to park?
Some of our venues have free parking and others require payment. Please check our website to confirm parking information. We will keep the site updated with the most current information.
I bought my ticket online, how do I redeem it?
Either bring a printout of your ticket or a copy on your smartphone. We will scan your ticket at the door. If you can’t find your ticket information, we can look it up when you get there.
I bought my ticket and now I cannot use it. Can I give it to a friend?
Absolutely! We do not check ID’s at the door. Feel free to share your ticket with someone that could use it. We do not issue refunds.
Do you offer free tickets to The Nourished Festival?
We do not offer free tickets, but do have volunteer opportunities. Volunteers are given free admission and a great t-shirt in exchange for working a shift at the event. Visit for details.
Do you offer military discounts?
Occasionally we have free tickets for eligible veterans, active-duty military personnel, first responders & their families. Visit or to check availability (You must use an existing or create an account to request tickets).