Dr. Eric Kaplan is an immensely passionate student of the world of health and wellness and a proud founder of Kaplan Brain & Body Center – A full-service functional neurology and wellness center with two locations; one in the heart of the west village of the New York City and his newest office in Emerson, NJ. Being one of the only Board Certified Functional Neurologist in the Tri-State Area, Dr. Kaplan is an advocate of healthy life. Motivated and inspired by the drive to assist individuals in their pursuit of healthy and prosperous life, Dr. Kaplan believes in delivering quality healthcare services to each and every single one of his patients. The primary objective of Kaplan Brain & Body Center is to work on the long-term cure and the root causes of the ailments and illnesses of the patients in order to improve their overall quality of life. Dr. Kaplan believes he is blessed with a gift which can ignite a positive & healthy change in the lives of the people. Being a caring and compassionate human being, Dr. Kaplan doesn’t encourage the idea of current health care model and he believes he can spark a change for the better in this flawed system of healthcare. A clear improvement in the quality of life of his patients is his greatest source of motivation and Dr. Eric Kaplan is always on the lookout for opportunities to serve the world in a better way.