Kayty Helgerson

Kayty always struggled with what she would call ‘everyone has these’ general food sensitivities. Avoiding gluten & dairy…kind of… she had things mostly under control. After a move to Thailand for work- things started to go haywire. General food sensitivities turned into symptoms that interrupted every aspect of life. Debilitating symptoms that lead to many difficult decisions among them 1. Was she going to change her diet & give up her love of hospitality or 2. Celebrate food & find a new way? There needed to be a drastic shift & she knew there had to be a middle ground- so she found it! These next 3 years Kayty experimented to no end. Finding ways to use her new very restrictive diet to create food that was so clean she could eat it but so good everyone wanted to too! Through this journey she met many people who are on a similar journey with chronic illness or health goals. All missing time around the table, all missing celebrating the art of food. Her business Gather Wholesome Gourmet equips you with food to serve to any crowd! We don’t want a ‘yours & ours’ we want one beautifully, intentionally designed product that feeds every single person at your gathering!