Cassy Joy Garcia

Cassy Joy Garcia is the author, recipe developer, and nutrition consultant behind the brand Fed & Fit. After years of fruitless dieting, Cassy found herself 24 years old, with extreme joint pain, fatigue, mental fog, and at her largest, most uncomfortable size. In an effort to learn more about why her health was declining, she took to nutrition research. After just one year of implementing her newfound wellness practices, she lost 10 dress sizes, lived pain-free, and experienced more energy than ever before. After turning around her own health, she was eager to share her healthy living secrets with the world, so she started her recipe blog,, in 2011. Since then, she has become a Nutrition Consultant, a safer beauty advocate, host of the Fed & Fit Podcast, and leads people through her Fed+Fit Project each month so that they, too, can achieve their health and wellness goals without ever dieting again. Her program has helped over 1,000 members achieve lasting wellness and her blog is host to over 500 healthy recipes.