Jenny Finke

Jenny Finke is a certified integrative nutrition health coach and a full-time health and wellness blogger. Her blog, Good For You Gluten Free, reaches more than two million people monthly. Jenny is the author of Eating Out Gluten-Free: The Ultimate Guide to Gluten-Free Safe Dining at Restaurants and On the Go, an e-book that helps the gluten-free community dine out safely. Jenny has celiac disease and has been navigating the gluten-free diet for more than seven years. In addition to helping others overcome their health challenges, Jenny also founded and runs the Denver Bloggers Club, a 350+ member organization that brings bloggers and influencers together for monthly learning and networking opportunities. She has planned more than 35 events in three years for her blogger community and she produces an annual full-day learning conference for Colorado bloggers and influencers called the Fuel Your Influence Conference.