Chef Einat Mazor

Chef Einat Mazor was born near the Mediterranean, where seasonal, fresh fish, fruits and vegetables flourish. She formed a strong connection to food and cooking at an early age. This passion shaped her life and career. Mazor became a certified chef at the Natural Gourmet Institute in New York City and later also a pastry chef. And the author of seven cookbooks. In her capacity as culinary consultant, Mazor created a series of healthy and gluten free meal options for El-Al, Israel's airline. Chef Mazor regularly teaches several classes in New York and Europe. Is the founder of Better Foods, a woman’s owned manufacturer of gluten free flours and blends based in Alpharetta, Georgia ( Amazon: Extra White Gold Gluten Free Flour; Facebook:; Instagram: #whitegoldglutenfree Twitter: #whitegoldglutenfree